The Most Powerful and Versatile Geofencing

Get the closest vehicle to the job site faster and more efficiently. Draw a boundary of any shape or size and create multiple overlapping geofences with adjustable buffer zones to know instantly if your drivers are deviating from their scheduled routes.

Track Multiple Vehicles with Multiple Devices

Track up to 10,000 vehicles with any combination of Lightning GPS devices. Choose hardwired trackers. OBD trackers or portable trackers. They all work together on a single state-of-the art platform.

Multiple Vehicles with Multiple Devices

Speed Alert

Stay Connected 24/7 with Instant Alerts

Reduce fuel costs and keep your drivers safe and on time. Monitor speed, movement, location and much more with text or email alerts sent directly to your smartphone, tablet or computer in real time.

All the Reports You Need

All the Reports You Need

Instantly generate 90-day legacy reports on speed, location, frequency of visit, closest item search, driver productivity, scheduled maintenance and more. Need to go back further or customize a report? Lightning GPS makes it easy.

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