10 Best Motorcycle GPS Trackers of 2024

10 Best Motorcycle GPS Trackers of 2024

Posted by Adrienne Evangelista on Jun 4th 2024

10 Best Motorcycle GPS Trackers of 2024 -

As a motorcycle owner, you probably know that thieves will find it much easier to steal your bike than other types of vehicles. Before driving off with someone else's car or truck, a thief must pick a lock or break a window to get into the vehicle. 

But that same thief could access your motorcycle's engine to hotwire it without choosing or breaking anything. The typical motorcycle is lightweight enough that thieves could lift the bike and carry it a few feet to a waiting truck or van.

Creating an added layer of security is just one reason you'll want to equip your ride with a GPS tracking solution. This guide will compare the 10 best motorcycle GPS trackers available today. But first, let's briefly discuss some of the key reasons you should add a GPS tracking solution for your bike.

3 Benefits of Equipping Your Motorcycle with a GPS Tracker

1. It's excellent for backup security.

Perhaps your motorcycle has a kill switch. When a thief tries to hotwire your bike, the switch will prevent the engine from starting. That's great. But as we noted above, an intelligent thief can work around that challenge by lifting your motorcycle onto a waiting truck to steal it.

If your bike's basic security systems fail, you'll be glad to know you have a hidden GPS tracker to alert you that it's been moved and where it's going, minute by minute. This will boost the chances that you'll recover your beloved bike.

2. It's ideal for monitoring new riders.

As discussed below, the best motorcycle GPS trackers have real time tracking. When you bring up the tracker's mobile app, you'll be able to see location of your bike and movements, updated as frequently as every few seconds. The best GPS tracking solutions will also give you updates on the rider's behaviour-speeds, cornering, braking, accelerating, etc.

These features will be helpful if you want to monitor a loved one's movements and behaviours on the road – for example, a young family member just getting familiar with motorcycle riding.

3. It'll give you peace of mind.

Whether you want real-time tracking to secure your motorcycle or monitor a loved one who's new to riding, installing the right motorcycle GPS tracker will give you peace of mind.

When you know you're protecting your bike with a best-in-class tracking solution, you'll feel less anxious about leaving it in a parking lot while you're in a restaurant or at work. You'll also feel more comfortable letting that relative go out for a ride, knowing you can always check in to see where they are and how safely they're handling the bike.

The 3 Best, Most Affordable Motorcycle GPS Trackers

This guide will cover 10 of our top motorcycle GPS trackers based on features, pricing options, and other key criteria. But first, we'll discuss our top 3 solutions.

1. Livewire Volt Vehicle GPS Tracker

The Livewire Volt Vehicle GPS Tracker from BrickHouse Security offers all of the most important features we described above: real-time tracking, weatherproof case, geofencing, etc.

Livewire Volt Vehicle GPS Tracker

But it tops the list for a couple of unique (or at least rare) characteristics:


  • It is hardwired into the motorcycle's battery (and doesn't require its battery).
  • No long-term contract is required.
  • Waterproof casing
  • Frequent data updates (intervals can be set to every few seconds)

2. Vyncs GPS Tracker for Vehicles

The Vyncs GPS Vehicle Tracker is also a solid choice for motorcycle GPS tracking. Like the BrickHouse Livewire Volt, it draws its power from the motorcycle and doesn't require a battery. Like the Livewire Volt, it offers frequent data updates, as often as every few seconds.

Vyncs GPS Tracker for Vehicles

But it does fall short in one area, which we'll explain below.


  • It is hardwired into the motorcycle's battery (and doesn't require its battery).


  • Requires a minimum 6-month commitment, paid 100% upfront or (at a higher overall price) in 6 equal monthly payments.

3. Optimus 3.0

The Optimus 3.0 GPS Tracker is also a viable motorcycle tracking option. It receives relatively positive reviews from vehicle owners (although very few specifically about motorcycle tracking).

Optimus 3.0


  • No long-term contract is required
  • Waterproof casing
  • Frequent data updates (intervals can be set to every few seconds)
  • Intuitive mobile app


  • Requires a battery that will need to be replaced every month

Note: In many cases, such as when you want to track a fleet of trucks for business, a magnetic, battery-powered GPS tracker might be the most convenient option. A simple "slap and track" magnetic device is ideal when installing many of these devices on your fleet. With the correct tracking solution, you'll need to replace the battery only every few months.

But a motorcycle's frame is entirely exposed and, unlike a truck, leaves tiny real estate to hide a tracking device. If a thief discovers and removes the tracker, you'll lose all visibility of your bike immediately. That's another reason the hardwired option (with devices like the Livewire Volt) makes more sense in this use case. You can hide the device inside your motorcycle's engine casing.

For this reason, when it comes to motorcycle GPS tracking, we view battery-powered options as inferior to hidden, hardwired devices.

Rounding Out Our Top 10 Best GPS Trackers for Motorcycles

The top three trackers above represent the best overall value for monitoring your motorcycle. However, in this crowded field, several other solutions are worth considering. Here's the rest of our best GPS Trackers list.

4. Spark Nano 7 GPS Tracker

The Spark Nano 7 GPS Tracker from BrickHouse Security is a battery-powered device with a magnetic case that you can easily attach to any metal surface on your bike. If you check out the customer reviews for the Spark Nano 7, you'll find the device maintains an impressive 4.9 out of 5 stars across more than 200 reviews.

Spark Nano 7 GPS Tracker

Like the other BrickHouse Security trackers on our list, this one has several key advantages but one (slight) disadvantage, which will depend on your own views about the battery vs. hardwired approach to GPS tracking.


  • No long-term contract is required
  • Waterproof casing
  • Frequent data updates (intervals can be set to every few seconds)
  • Intuitive mobile app


  • It requires a battery—although, in this case, a long-lasting one that you won't need to replace more than every several months.

5. LandAirSea 54

The LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker has a couple of useful benefits for some riders. With a premium subscription, for example, you can receive worldwide coverage for your motorcycle. Its built-in battery can also last more than four months if you set the tracker to the least frequent setting for data updating its location of your bike.

LandAirSea 54

But if you've read this far, you know that with those advantages come potential disadvantages.


  • Global coverage (with premium subscription)
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Frequent data updates (intervals can be set to every few seconds)


  • Requires a battery – although, in this case, a long-lasting one that you won't need to replace more than every several months
  • Requires a long-term contract

6. Tracki Pro

Like the LandAirSea 54, the Tracki Pro GPS Tracker offers global coverage (for premium subscribers) and an extended battery life. But again, you'll want to remember that this means you'll need to commit to a long-term contract and opt for the magnetic "slap and track" approach over hardwiring your GPS tracker into your motorcycle's battery.

Tracki Pro

It's also worth pointing out that if you review the Amazon product page (using the link above), the Tracki Pro maintains a respectable 4.6 average star rating across 150+ customer reviews.


  • Global coverage (with premium subscription)
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Frequent data updates (intervals can be set to every minute)


  • Requires a battery – although, in this case, a long-lasting one that you won't need to replace more than every several months
  • Requires a long-term contract

7. Spytec GPS

The GL300 GPS Tracker from Spytec offers worldwide coverage with all its plans. That's the good news (if you plan on taking your motorcycle on international trips). The downside is that it offers a shorter battery life than the other devices on this list. The tracker's user manual (which you can find in PDF format by clicking on the Amazon link above) states that if you set the tracker to send 1-minute updates, you can expect the battery to last only 2.5 weeks (and even less if you put it to update every 30 seconds).

Spytec GPS


  • Global coverage (with premium subscription)
  • Frequent data updates (intervals can be set to every 30 seconds)


  • Requires a battery with a short average lifespan.
  • Requires a long-term contract.

8. Monimoto 7

Billing itself as a motorcycle tracker, the Monimoto 7 is a battery-powered device you hide in your bike. Unlike the other non-battery options on our list, you'll need to zip-tie (or otherwise manually attach the tracker somewhere on your motorcycle).

However, note that activating the tracker requires a year-long subscription. Also, the device itself is among the most expensive on our top-10 list.

Monimoto 7

One more note: Although the overall customer rating is a respectable 4.4 stars, you'll find that a lot of the reviews include complaints about having to commit to an annual contract to maintain the service.


  • Global coverage (with premium subscription)
  • Easy setup and the device is easy to hide in the bike's casing
  • Relatively long battery life


  • Requires a battery
  • Requires a long-term contract
  • The device itself is among the most expensive on this top-10 list

9. Invoxia Pro

The Invoxia Pro offers several valuable features, including tilt detection, which is pretty cool for a motorcycle tracker. If a thief tries to walk off with your bike without starting the engine, that simple tilt will trigger an alert sent to you by text, email, or push notification from the tracking app.

Invoxia Pro

That's all good. But it's worth pointing out that on the product's Amazon page (link above), it has the lowest average customer rating of all the devices on this list – only 3.2 out of 5 stars.

Also worth pointing out: In our comparison chart below, you'll find we've listed the Invoxia option as "medium" cost relative to the others on the list. That's because, while the monthly payment is among the lowest here, the GPS device itself is on the higher side.


  • Long battery life (up to 4 months, according to the manufacturer)
  • Cool "tilt alert" feature


  • Requires a battery
  • Requires a long-term contract
  • Low customer ratings on Amazon

10. EON X-Ray Long-Life Asset Tracker

The EON X-Ray Long-Life Asset Tracker from BrickHouse Security is another strong choice for motorcycle GPS trackers. It offers all of the critical features you'll want in a tracker for your bike: real-time tracking, geofencing, waterproof casing, theft alerts, etc. It also offers a long-lasting battery life of years, which is more than any of the other devices on our list.

EON X-Ray Long-Life Asset Tracker


  • Years-long battery life
  • Global coverage (for premium plans)
  • No contract required


  • Requires a battery

Key Features to Demand from Your Motorcycle GPS Tracker

Before we get to our complete comparison of the most capable and affordable motorcycle GPS trackers, let's briefly discuss the must-have features you should expect from whichever tracking solution you choose.

Real-time tracking:

If you're allowing a loved one to ride your bike – especially an inexperienced rider – you'll want to know where they are and what they're doing. Look for a GPS tracking solution that offers frequent updates, ideally as often every few seconds.

Speed alerts:

If someone else is riding your motorcycle – or if it's a business vehicle that your employees use as transportation to job sites – you'll want to know how those employees are treating the vehicle. You'll wish to alert, for example, if a rider exceeds either the local speed limit or a limit you preset in your GPS tracking app. Knowing about excessive speeding can help you protect your employees and your company's reputation.


Geofencing lets you draw a virtual boundary around an actual geographical area (like your business's yard or parking lot). You can then receive alerts by email, text, or push notifications whenever the motorcycle you're tracking enters or leaves the area.

Battery life (for non-hardwired GPS trackers):

We noted above that for most motorcycle use cases, we recommend opting for GPS trackers that you hardwire to your bike's battery. These trackers pull power from the motorcycle's battery and never need to be recharged. But if you instead choose a battery-powered tracker – a magnetic device, for example – look for one with a battery life of at least several months. (The 140-Day Magnetic GPS Tracker from BrickHouse Security is one example.)

Historical route data:

If your business requires several vehicles (motorcycles scooters, trucks, utility vans, etc.) on the road travelling to job sites, you'll want to make sure the GPS tracking solution you choose collects and can report detailed long-term data on your vehicles' routes. You can use this information – roads and highways travelled, average travel times, traffic patterns, etc. – to optimize your routes.


To function properly, your GPS vehicle tracker needs to remain protected against the elements. That's why you insist on a waterproof motorcycle GPS tracker.

You'll need a waterproof or weatherproof device if the GPS tracker you select is a battery-powered device that you'll attach to an exposed area on the bike's frame. (Again, we recommend against these devices for motorcycle use.) But even if you're choosing a hardwired tracker that you'll be hiding inside the bike's engine casing, you still want to make sure it's as ruggedized and protected against the elements as possible. So, we recommend at least an IP67 rating – the device is built to keep operating through dust and rain.

Covert design:

We noted above that motorcycles have far fewer areas to hide a device like a GPS tracker than cars and trucks do. For this reason, you need to make sure that the motorcycle GPS tracking device you choose is small and designed covertly enough that it can remain hidden. As long as a thief doesn't know the device is there, you'll continue to receive real-time updates to help you and the police track it down.

Ease of installation:

It would be best if you also did a little research to learn how much time and effort it will take you to install your GPS tracker. This detail will become more important to the extent that you're buying trackers for more vehicles, but even a single tracking solution that's confusing and time-consuming to install can cause more trouble than it's worth.

Here's what to look for in the two configurations we've discussed.

For battery-powered trackers:

The best-in-class battery-operated solutions can be installed and activated in just a few minutes. You should be able to drop in the batteries (which should come in the device's packaging) and then slap the device to a metal surface on the vehicle you're tracking. If your research suggests the device setup will take more effort than this, keep looking.

For hardwired trackers:

Again, the best-in-class options here will be quick and painless to install – and shouldn't take more than a few minutes. With the right solution, you'll attach the device's two wires to the appropriate components on your motorcycle's battery. Then, you'll affix the small device itself to a flat surface near the battery and reclose the motorcycle's engine cases. That's it.

Now, let's review the rest of our top 10 list.

Top 10 Best GPS Trackers for Motorcycles Scooters: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Best GPS Trackers for Motorcycles: A Side-by-Side Comparison

What if I Need Global GPS Tracking for My Motorcycle?

Here's one final note about a particular use case: tracking your motorcycle internationally.

Most of the GPS tracking services offer only national coverage. But if you plan to take your bike overseas or ride it across countries' borders, you need to know that your GPS tracking provider can continue to monitor the bike's movements and report the data to you. So, you'll want to investigate each provider's coverage options and look for worldwide service (or at least service in the world region where you'll be taking your motorcycle).

For example, BrickHouse's Livewire Volt motorcycle GPS tracker's primary service plan covers North America only. However, if you upgrade to the next pricing tier, you'll also receive coverage across Europe. If you opt for the premium plan, you'll have worldwide coverage for your motorcycle.

Start GPS Tracking Your Motorcycle Now

In this guide, we discussed the vital benefits of equipping your motorcycle with GPS tracking, shared the must-have features to look for in any GPS tracking solution, and introduced you to the best and most affordable GPS trackers for motorcycles.

We hope this has helped you understand why it's so important to equip your bike with GPS tracking and what to look for in a potential provider.

If you'd like more guidance in identifying the best motorcycle GPS tracker for your needs, don't hesitate to get in touch with a BrickHouse Security Sales Consultant:800-654-7966