ELD Mandate

An Affordable, FMCSA Certified ELD Solution For Your Fleet


What Fleet Managers Need To Know

Who is affected by the ELD Mandate?

  • Interstate drivers currently required to keep RODS

  • Vehicles that weigh more than 10,001 pounds

  • Vehicles with placarded hazmat loads

  • Vehicles carrying more than 8 or 15 passengers, depending on the vehicle class

Who is not affected by the ELD Mandate? 

  • CDL carrying CMV drivers who operate in a 100-air-mile radius and who will continue to use time cards

  • Non-CDL carrying freight drivers who operate within a 150-air-mile radius

  • Drive away or tow away operators

  • Vehicles manufactured before the year 2000

Why You Want to Partner with Lightning GPS

  • Monitor Driver Availability & Easily Change Driver Status

  • Receive Alerts When Drivers Are Running Out of Hours

  • Eliminate Handwritten Logs and Save Paperwork

  • Provide Quick Access to Reports for Roadside Inspections

  • DVIR Prompts Inspections to Decrease Vehicle Downtime





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