Off-Site Monitoring

Having to leave equipment or other large valuable assets at a site is stressful because they may be exposed to misuse and risk of theft. Whether you have powered assets like construction equipment, generators, boats, etc. or you have unpowered assets like cargo containers or trailers, Lightning GPS has the right GPS tracking solution for your business.


Theft Prevention and Recovery

Avoid equipment theft from happening by using GPS tracking devices that help monitor your assets, like tools, construction equipment, boats, etc. GPS cloud software sends real-time notifications through email or text to let you know when an asset has been moved or when it has been removed from a predefined area. By quickly locating and recovering a stolen item, you can avoid insurance hassles and/or downtime, which means no lost profits. 


Improved Operations

Always knowing where your equipment or large assets are makes it easier for them to be quickly sent to the appropriate location where they are needed for the next job. GPS cloud software helps you monitor usage of a unit and be sure that equipment or valuable assets like boats, trailers, etc. aren't being used when they aren't supposed to be - outside of work hours.  Use reports to monitor maintenance needs to keep assets working optimally and avoid downtime. 

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