Features You Care About


ELD & HOS Compliant • Fuel Monitoring & Tax Reporting • Utilizes Dispatching & Delivery Logistics

Also, with Lightning GPS you can:

  • Evaluate driver performance: speed, idling, mileage, harsh braking and acceleration. *

  • Find closest vehicle to a specific location using the nearest unit tool.

  • Create geofences to receive alerts when a driver has exited their route boundary.

  • Group your vehicles, drivers and assets for easier viewing. 

  • Set up points of interests for quick reference.

  • Generate reports on your fleet’s maintenance history.

  • Set up scheduled actions, such as sending reports by email.

* Some features only available with certain GPS tracking devices.


Cloud Software


Mini Maps

Use Google Street View in real time to indicate where the vehicle is moving. 


Satellite Connection

Know when a device is connected to a satellite or when the last position is detected.


Playback with Google Street View

Playback a specific route a driver took using Google Street View.


Additional Offerings

Is your business ready for the ELD mandate?

For an additional cost, the Lightning GPS ELD Solution will help your organization:

  • Drivers can see their remaining on-duty and driving time to monitor compliance
  • Managers can easily access and check the current driving statuses for all drivers and make adjustments if a driver is close to being out of compliance
  • Drivers can generate electronic logs quickly in the event of a roadside inspection
  • Reports can be summarized on a daily or weekly basis with detailed information on every status change
  • Managers can maintain separate log books for team drivers

Please note: this package is only available with certain devices. Call for more information.

Save Time and Money with Fuel Monitoring & Tax Reporting

For an additional monthly fee of $7, Lightning GPS Fuel Monitoring & Tax Reporting package allows fleet managers to:

  • Avoid penalties and fines with fuel tax reporting
  • Uncover fuel theft and abuse with reports and alerts
  • Monitor various aspects of unit activity including fuel level, vehicle temperature, satellites, etc.
  • View actual fuel gallon and actual mileage used in individual states for a state-by-state breakdown
  • Calculate mileage and fuel information for individual vehicles or your entire fleet

Please note: this package is only available with certain GPS tracking devices.

Improve Customer Service and Increase Productivity with Dispatching and Delivery Logistics

For an additional monthly fee of $6 (per unit), the Lightning GPS Dispatching & Delivery Logistics package enables business professionals to:

  • Plan the route to an order using external navigational apps to comprise estimated arrival time and mileage
  • Track the delivery process in real-time mode and respond to emerging issues right away
  • Chat functionality to notify a dispatcher of any circumstances concerning the delivery
  • Keep a history of all routes assigned so you can easily reference at a later date
  • Flexible reporting options to receive driver-level insights