Improve Productivity

Hold all of your fleet drivers to the same productivity standards and increase every field employee's value with easy-to-understand driver performance reports. Make business decisions to improve productivity by monitoring driver activity in real-time, like what routes they are taking, how many stops are being made, and how much idling time is occurring.  Lightning GPS gives you the tools you need to ensure every driver in your fleet is working at peak efficiency. 


Decrease Payroll Costs

The Lightning GPS cloud software provides fleet managers with the reports they need to track idle time and confirm vehicle activity; this allows them to monitor driver productivity and confirm overtime hours submitted by drivers. 


Reduce Fuel Expenses

Optimized routing with geofencing and advanced trip reporting ensures that your field employees drive fewer miles every day by sticking to the most efficient routes. Plus, excessive idling reports tell you immediately when fuel is being burned unnecessarily. 


Extend The Life Of Your Fleet

Healthy vehicles stay on the road longer. When you track your fleet maintenance information, including miles driven, in one centralized system, you know for sure that all your vehicles are being properly maintained and performing at maximum efficiency. By knowing the health of your vehicles, you're able to resolve maintenance issues before they result in breakdowns and loss of profit. 


Improve Customer Service

Win clients for life with ultra-fast response times. Real-time GPS tracking and instant vehicle location let you find out immediately who is closest to the job site so you can dispatch the nearest available driver in seconds. When your clients need to know, Lightning GPS delivers answers. 


Earn Insurance Discounts

Insurance companies need to protect their investments - and they place a lot of emphasis on asset protection. Lower your insurance bills by as much as 15% when you install a GPS-based theft recovery device. 


Theft Recovery

Every organization with a fleet in the field has to find a way to minimize vehicle and asset theft. Lightning GPS anti-theft solutions protect your property or your client's merchandise by tracking a stolen car or truck.