The Many Uses of GPS Trackers

In recent years, GPS tracking technology has evolved to revolutionize many of the ways we live and work on a daily basis. As the technology of GPS tracking devices advance, they're becoming smaller, more accurate, more affordable, and easier to use. It's becoming simpler than ever to monitor people, vehicles, and assets, making GPS an essential tool for cutting costs, improving customer service, and maximizing productivity and efficiency. 

Keep Track of Employees

Using a GPS tracking device, it is easy to pinpoint its exact location at any time. Business managers can use the Lightning GPS cloud software to track the whereabouts of employees via a single, intuitive control center. The platform is simple to navigate like Google Maps and requires no advanced technical skills. 

Ensure Safe Driving

Managers who are worried about whether their employees are utilizing safe driving skills can use GPS tracking to monitor on-the-road behavior. Some driver behavior managers can monitor may include harsh braking and acceleration, speeding, and idling time. Inappropriate driving can result in accidents, inefficiency, and even vehicle damage over time. Managers who are able to identify those behaviors can work to modify them through proper training. 

Geofences for Location Updates

Our Lightning GPS tracking devices allow you to set geofences for added location information. It is simple to create a geofence by drawing a simple shape around the location on the map where you want to monitor. If the boundary is crossed, you can elect to receive a notification by email or text in real-time alerting you to the location and movement of your drivers. 

Check on Travel History

The Lightning GPS cloud software allows you to access up to 90 days of travel history in an easy-to-navigate list. This allows you to review all locations and travel speeds of the people, vehicles, and assets being tracked. 

Protect Important Assets

GPS trackers can be used to track objects as well as vehicles and drivers. You can receive digital alerts about the same information, like speed, movement, and crossing geofences. You may also select a GPS tracker, like the Micro Battery Powered Asset Tracker, which features a panic button in case workers in the field experience emergencies. 

How Can GPS Tracking Work for You? 

There are so many benefits to using GPS tracking devices and most business people can benefit from their use. If you are looking for ways that Lightning GPS can help optimize your business, we invite you to contact our team by calling 877-477-9119 so we can assist you.