Business Applications for Geofences: Using GPS Tracking to Improve Business Efficiency

Business efficiency can be a struggle, especially when large number of employees are mobile throughout the day, making service calls, deliveries, or transporting company assets. In an attempt to get access to information about employees' locations and movements, employers will often look to GPS tracking for increased knowledge. Employers can utilize tools like geofences to help keep track of employees' movements while improving time and route management and increasing efficiency. 

The first step is selecting the most appropriate tracking device for your company's needs. Some of our popular options include: 

Each of these devices have their own unique features and ideal applications. Our experts at Lightning GPS can assist you with selecting the best option for monitoring your fleet and meeting your business's tracking needs. Our Lightning GPS Cloud Software, which is included with all of our GPS trackers for an affordable monthly fee, allows you to keep tabs on all aspects of your employees' movements including: 

  • Speed
  • Travel routes
  • Stops
  • Harsh braking
  • Acceleration

Once your new GPS tracking devices have been installed in your company vehicles, you can use the Lightning GPS Cloud Software to customize tracking. Customization options, like tracking speed and stops and adding geofences, give you maximum control over what data you're collecting and optimize your company's efficiency. 

Ways to Utilize Geofences Over Large and Small Geographic Areas

A simple way to monitor your employees' movements is to set up a large boundary fence around the entire geographic area that is the employee's established work area. While you will always be able to monitor each employee's movements both inside and outside designated geofences, it can be useful for an employer to receive a notification indicating that an employee has left a designated work zone. This allows you to log on when the notification is received and watch their movements in real time to see what they do when they deviate from their regular route or depart from their work area. From this information, you can assess whether the employee is re-routing for traffic, running personal errands on company time, etc. 

Smaller geofences can also be useful, especially if employees make stops for deliveries, pick-ups, or service calls. A small geofence around a destination area allows you to track arrival and departure times, and by extension, time spent at each stop. Utilizing these small geofences can help you monitor and manage the following: 

  • Arrival and departure times
  • Time spent at individual destinations
  • Comparison of times between employees
  • When and where employees exhibit efficiency and inefficiency 

How to Use GPS Tracking Data to Maximize Business Efficiency

This level of location management is far more effective than simply knowing where your employees are. Alerts and timestamps allow you to create a complete picture of each employee's workday. With this information, you can determine where your employees spend the most time, giving you the ability to identify inefficiencies and establish better systems. For example, if you discover one employee consistently reaches their destinations late, you can examine the data before disciplining in hopes of reaching a better understanding of the cause. If the employee's route passes through school zones or follows a school bus route, helping them choose a more efficient path of travel may solve the problem. In this way, you are able to create a work environment that is geared toward understanding and efficiency. 

Problem-Solving With Geofences

Collecting all of this data means you will be better able to manage trouble spots in your business like: 

  • Tardiness
  • Missed jobs
  • Long and short work times
  • Missing equipment 
  • Customer complaints

Being able to see more details gives you great insight, and ultimately more control over your company's efficiency. 

Contact a member of the Lightning GPS team today by calling 877-477-9119, so we can help you choose the best tracker for your fleet, making your business's day-to-day a smoother operation.