Implement GPS Tracking To Establish Greater Trust Between Fleet Managers and Drivers

Implement GPS Tracking To Establish Greater Trust Between Fleet Managers and Drivers
Utilizing GPS tracking with fleet vehicles should be a requirement and a gold standard for the driving service industry. There are countless benefits that lend themselves to greater trust and healthier relationships between managers and drivers. However, for businesses that are just beginning to implement GPS tracking, getting started may cause some tension in the workplace. The good news is that overcoming the initial challenges of GPS tracking implementation will greatly improve your company’s long game of excellent customer service and build accountability and trust.

Steps to Take When Introducing GPS Tracking for Your Fleet
First, decide on which tracking and/or monitoring device you will need for the goals you wish to accomplish. Companies determine which device is best to use based on cost efficiency, data collected, and safety for their drivers. For example, if you feel the need to see inside the cabin of your vehicle to ensure driving safety for both driver and passenger, a car camera may be your choice. The market has versatile cameras that can record, track, and transmit pictures which allow you to see in the car in real time.

If seeing inside the car is not a high priority, then your basic GPS tracker would be an efficient choice. A standard tracker can track and send data remotely or directly to your company’s corporate office. Be sure to check out international options as well.

Next, talk to your drivers about your concerns for their safety, threat of liabilities on the road, and how the camera or tracking devices serve as protection from these concerns. In the event of an accident, theft, or any other misfortune, the tracking device offers data that can be used to support their case. Also, while implementing new GPS tracking devices for your fleet, there is an opportunity to inspire healthy competition and pride in the team.

Implementing any new standard in a company requires consistency and clear communication. Of course, there will always be drivers who may see the glass half empty and feel that their privacy has been infringed upon. However, remember that trust is built over time and with consistent care for the driver’s well being and the company’s direction toward excellence.

Custom Fleet Tracking From Lightning GPS

If you’re considering adding GPS tracking to your fleet, we invite you to contact our team with your questions and concerns. We have successfully helped many companies, both large and small, implement fleet tracking and we can work with you to ensure that you select the best tools for the job. Contact Lightning GPS today. We look forward to working with you and creating a custom solution for your fleet.

Crystal Kamm