The Benefits of GPS Geofencing in Business

With GPS technology, it's now possible to determine the location of a person, vehicle, or object, as long as they are properly equipped with a GPS device. Geofencing takes this technology to the next level, allowing you to be alerted when the GPS device (or the person or vehicle that is carrying it) crosses a preset perimeter by exiting or entering an area.  This has many application in the business world, from the monitoring of employee movement to the tracking of company business assets. 

Geofencing for Better Business Efficiency


A geofence is an important business tool and can be easily set up via the online platform, creating a perimeter around an important area on the map. These perimeters can be drawn as circles or polygons around a specific location or can be simple lines drawn on a map to form routes. Business will commonly use geofences around locations where their workers need to stop to complete work, pick up or drop off a product, etc. It can even be beneficial to have a geofence around the home office. 

Having geofences that notify you of arrivals and departures of workers gives you the added ability to monitor the length of time employees are spending at jobs and stops as well as the amount of time spent on actual travel. Because one of the most difficult aspects of business is trying to keep track of off-site workers in the field, GPS tracking and geofence alerts are key to keeping managers aware. When drivers deviate from efficient travel pats, this can shorten the lifespan of company vehicles over time, and on a daily basis, wastes fuel and business time. 

Geofencing can help aid in a number of business practices to ensure better efficiency, including monitoring the arrivals and departures of workers, ensuring accurate time reporting for billing verification, recovering stolen or missing business asserts, and more. 

How to Set a Geofence


When setting a geofence for your employees, vehicle, or a business asset, take the following steps: 

  • Login on the Lightning GPS Cloud Software
  • Click on the icon indicating the tracker that needs a new geofence
  • Click on the geofence tab
  • Select "circular" or "route" geofence (indicating whether you are drawing a line or drawing a boundary around a point on the map)
  • Name and describe the geofence so that you'll be able to remember it's for
  • Select how you want to be notified when your tracker enters or exits the area
  • Set your geofence's radius

If you have questions about the uses of geofences or GPS tracking in your business, we invite you to contact us for assistance.