Understanding the ELD Mandate

The ELD Mandate has been the hottest topic of the trucking industry since the law was passed in early 2017. With the December 18 compliance date rapidly approaching, it's important that fleet managers and drivers alike are aware of the requirements of the mandate and prepared for compliance when that date rolls around. 

Prior to the ELD mandate, approximately 44% of the trucking industry used telematics to monitor driver behavior, routes, hours of service, and more, and by December 18, nearly 100% of the industry will be required to utilize this technology, excepting only a small handful of driver types. The ELD Mandate is designed to provide across the board accountability for drivers and fleet managers, with the aim to improve driver performance and safety standards. 

At Lightning GPS, we are here to provide service and support for all types of fleets in the industry. We invite you to explore the educational materials that we have provided to ensure that truck drivers and fleet managers are aware of the intent behind the ELD Mandate, as well as a clearer understanding of how it's been designed to help the industry. 

Explore "ELD Mandate: What Fleet Managers Need to Know." 

If you have questions about ELD requirements or selecting the best ELD devices for your fleet, contact the Lightning GPS team for more information.