Improve Worksite Productivity and Efficiency

At Lightning GPS, our GPS tracking solutions provide construction companies with the tools they need to improve worksite productivity and efficiency by allowing managers to monitor construction equipment throughout the workday and after hours. Employers can also monitor professional vehicles to evaluate driver behavior, like idle times, fuel consumption, route history, and more, to determine if changes can be made to cut costs and eliminate wasteful operations. 

Our micro battery-powered GPS tracker can also be used by employers to quickly locate construction workers while on the job, in the event of a hazardous situation or incident, so they can send immediate assistance. 


Construction Equipment and Tool Theft Recovery 

On a construction site, there are a number of assets exposed at any given moment including tools, appliances waiting to be installed, expensive machinery, raw materials, company vehicles and more. Our GPS asset trackers feature extended batteries and magnetic mounts, and they are easily concealable. Monitor their location in real time with GPS tracking devices that let you know the moment your equipment moves.