Fleet Tracking for Law Enforcement 

For any size law enforcement agency, managing the fleet of police vehicles is critical. At Lightning GPS, our GPS tracking solutions provide important details such as idle time, fuel consumption, maintenance updates and more to ensure you are armed with the best information to make informed budgetary decisions. 

GPS tracking devices in squad cars are also helpful if a police officer ever goes missing or is injured on the job because you'll know their exact location and can send immediate assistance.


More Efficient Slap-And-Track Operations 

GPS trackers, specifically our GPS asset tracker with a 3 month battery life, are a great tool for monitoring a suspect vehicle in a slap and track operation. With this device in place, it's easy to keep track of every move a suspect makes. GPS devices allow for long-term suspect tracking without being detected. 


Tools for Assisting With Investigations

Police officers sometimes use GPS tracking devices for operations that don't involve monitoring vehicles. In some cases, a GPS unit can be used to track suspicious cargo, expensive retail merchandise or other items, providing valuable evidence for the prosecution. 


Faster Response Times 

GPS tracking devices in squad cars can help a police department provide better service to their community. The GPS software can help identify which police vehicle is closest to a crime scene. A GPS device in a vehicle can provide directions and up-to-date traffic information allowing police officers get to the scene of a crime or emergency sooner.