Customer Service

Improve Customer Service

Pleasing customers is important to any organization and GPS tracking solutions from Lightning GPS helps ensure customer service is always top notch. Quickly locate the closest vehicle to a specific area for faster pickups and deliveries. Dispatching the closest vehicle when possible, monitoring traffic concerns and optimizing driving routes allow you to improve service times, ensure on-time deliveries and keep customers better updated when a delivery time will be delayed. This leads to a better overall customer experience. 

Reduce Operating Costs

Reduce Operating Costs

GPS vehicle tracking software and enhanced real-time reporting offers information about speed, location, hard braking and accelerating, allowing you to track and manage your employees' detailed driving behaviors. With this information, you can reduce fuel expenses and increase safety through monitoring and correcting poor driver behavior, like idle time and late arrivals. Eliminate downtime with scheduled vehicle maintenance by getting consistent updates about how your vehicle's health. 


Increased Visibility Into Mobile Workforce

Monitoring the location of your vehicles at all times gives you the knowledge to better manage your services and employees for improved and more efficient business operations. The GPS software and reporting capabilities allows fleet managers and business professionals the ability to analyze routes, monitor driver behavior, and proactively service your delivery vehicles. Overall, this leads to improved fleet productivity, as well as time and money savings.