• Fully Rechargeable Battery

  • Runs for Two Weeks or More Under Normal Use of Approximately 1 Hour/Day

  • Track Business and Retail Assets, Pharmaceuticals, Restaurant Equipment and Much More

All Lightning GPS devices ship without an activation fee. You will need to activate your device at activate.lightninggps.com. Activation of a GPS tracker constitutes agreeing to the monthly service plan selected.

Lightning GPS tracking services are billed every 30 days, starting 7 days after your purchase. There is no contract and you can cancel at any time.

Free lifetime hardware replacement is included with an ongoing GPS subscription and all Lightning GPS products come with free and unlimited lifetime tech support.

Please note: If service is inactive for 60 days or more, reactivation of your device may take up to 5 business days.

Specifications for Micro Battery Powered Asset Tracker

Location Technology
50 Channel GPS (with SBAS); SBAS: WAAS
Location Accuracy: 2.0 meter CEP (with SBAS)
Tracking Sensitivity: -160dBm
Acquisition Sensitivity: -147dBm
AGPS Capable

Electrical Specifications
Operating Voltage: 4.2V internal battery
Power Consumption: 
Typical 200uA @4.2V (deep sleep) 
Typical 42.5 mA @4.2V (SMS +UDP connection, GPS off) 
Typical 115 mA @ 4.2V (continuous transmit)
Automatic Over-the-Air Provisioning on Power Up
Ultra-low Power Sleep Mode

Cellular Specifications
Data Support: SMS, CDMA 1xRTT packet data
Operating Bands (MHz) CDMA 1xRTT: 800/1900
Transmitter Power CDMA 1xRTT: 
CDMA BC0: Power class 3 (24.5dBm) for 1xRTT
CDMA BC1: Power class 2 (24.5dBm) for 1xRTT
CDMA 1xRTT Data Rates: 153.6Kbps upload/153.6Kbps download

Key Features
Communication Modes: CDMA 1xRTT packet data, TCP/OP, UDP and SMS
Operating Voltage: 4.2 volt internal battery pack

Physical Specifications
Dimensions: 71 x 42 x 23 (mm)
Weight: 72g
Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion 2000mAh
On-Board Serial Port Access via USB Cable
Certifications: FCC/Verizon

Environmental Specifications
Temperature -20º to +70º C (operating); -40º to +85º C (storage)
Humidity 95%RH @ 50º C non-condensing
RoHS Compliant