In-Transit Visibility

Whether you are a small business owner that has a couple of horse trailers, a retailer with a trailer full of consumer goods, or a fleet manager with several semi trailers, you can't afford to lose track of the trailers while they're out in the field. At Lightning GPS, our GPS tracking solutions help maintain constant visibility of trailers, in real-time, for complete control when your drivers are on the road with trailers in tow. If trailers are ever left behind, the GPS cloud software instantly locates right where it is so it can be quickly recovered.


Theft Prevention

Constant tracking of trailers provides greater security for valuable items in-transit and, in the event of threat or theft, greatly increases the likelihood of asset recovery. Receive real-time notifications via text or email alerts, to indicate if a unit is in motion or has moved out of a pre-defined location with a geofence. This useful tool can help prevent theft and misuse or aid law enforcement in recovery of items if a theft has taken place.


Improved Operations

GPS trailer tracking devices, like the GPS asset tracker with a 3 month battery, allow you to more effectively manage trailer usage and save money by always knowing exactly where your trailers are. Trailer tracking which gives business professionals the insight they need into their fleet, helps by correcting poor driver behaviors like harsh braking and acceleration, reducing costs associated with vehicle maintenance, and managing money-wasters like poor fuel usage.