The tracker shows several different reports within a 5 block radius. Why? Is this accurate? 

GPS devices often "drift" when reporting their location and this can depend on the surroundings of the GPS device. Every time the device sends a new location it has to receive information from the GPS satellites and this calculation can differ slightly. The surroundings such as buildings, trees and the atmosphere can affect the quality of the location that the device provides. 

My page is loading weird! Why is some information not displaying? 

This could be a compatibility concern with the web browser you are viewing the Lightning GPS cloud software on. We have optimized our GPS cloud software to display its best on the most widely used browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. If you are having issues viewing certain features on our site, we recommend you view it through Mozilla Firefox. You can download and install it free here

Why is the mobile site not loading on my phone or tablet, but I can see it on my PC? 

Please try to clear the cookies and cache on your phone's Internet browser and load the page again. You can also try using another Internet browser on your phone such as Dolphin - which is available for free in the iTunes and Google Play store. If you are still experiencing issues, you will need to contact your mobile carrier or phone manufacturer for support. You can alternatively use our Apple app. 

My street view is old. How can I update it? 

The street view is a feature that is provided by Google Maps who is our preferred mapping vendor. Google occasionally updates these images on their own.