How do I activate my device? How do I turn it on? 

Log into our cloud software site (add link) with the login information that was emailed to you. If you haven't received an email yet, then we are likely in the process of creating your account and you should receive it shortly. Please also check your Spam filters in your email to see if it may have landed there. 

Please note: this fleet tracking device requires power for up to 24 hours to complete the activation and initialization process to connect to the Verizon cellular network. Please take this device on a drive after that time frame to ensure it's tracking properly. 

What happens when my car turns off? Will the device stop tracking? 

This fleet tracking GPS device is designed to be powered by your car's battery. When the vehicle's ignition is turned off, the device will track once per hour. When the ignition is turned back on and the vehicle starts to move, it will track once every one minute of motion.

Please note: we can adjust the GPS tracking intervals to customize them for what fits your business's needs. Call us today to discuss the various options. (Include phone number).

How do I install this fleet tracking device? 

Please reference the wiring diagram for the correct way to install. 

Where do I place the antenna for this device? 

We suggest placing the antenna inside of the plastic area of the dashboard inside the vehicle. It will be able to receive a GPS signal without interference. Make sure there is no metal surrounding or blocking the antenna and that it is not sitting on any electrical components such as a radio. 

Why isn't the device tracking? 

Please makes sure the device was wired correctly according to the wiring diagram. The wires must be hooked up correctly or it may not function properly. You also want to check the external antenna placement as well. If you still experience issues, please reference our Troubleshooting section.