The Best Magnetic GPS Trackers

The Best Magnetic GPS Trackers

Posted by Todd Morris on May 20th 2024

The Best Magnetic GPS Trackers -

We can’t always keep watch over the people and things that matter most to us. But thanks to affordable GPS trackers, we can now easily monitor their movements and locations in real time.

Families now use Portable GPS tracking devices to monitor loved ones on the go, including elderly parents, children, and special-needs relatives. Millions of businesses use GPS vehicle trackers to monitor their companies’ cars and trucks, heavy equipment, and other valuable assets in the field.

There are several types of GPS devices. With many vehicle trackers, for example, you’ll need to hardwire the device or plug it into a vehicle port. These models make sense for specific use cases. But this guide will focus on another, more straightforward option: the magnetic GPS tracker.

Below, we’ll explain magnetic GPS trackers and why you’d choose this wireless option over wired or plug-in alternatives. Then, we’ll show you some of the best magnetic GPS trackers on the market and help you find the one that best suits your needs.

What Are Magnetic GPS Trackers?

Magnetic GPS trackers get their name from how the devices are mounted: magnetically.

Because the devices or cases they come in are magnetic, you can install these trackers by simply attaching them to any metal surface. You can also remove the devices quickly and easily. This magnetic mounting option offers several advantages to your family or business.

A Few Key Benefits of Magnetic GPS Trackers

1. They’re easy to install (and remove).

Whether you need GPS tracking for business or personal reasons, the magnetic option is the most user-friendly.

For example, you can snap the magnetic GPS tracker onto one of the vehicle’s many metal surfaces to start tracking your company's truck or car. Common places to attach a magnetic vehicle tracker include the undercarriage, wheel wells, and under the seats.

Small magnetic tracking devices are also ideal for personal use. For example, you can quickly attach the device to a bike to monitor a child or elderly loved one. You can also just as easily remove the device when it’s time to change the battery. (More on battery life below.)

2. They’re easy to hide.

Magnetic GPS trackers are discreet because they’re small and can snap onto any metal surface.

Suppose you’re worried about vehicle theft, for example. In that case, you should know that some sophisticated criminals find and disable hardwired or plugged-in GPS tracking devices right after they steal the vehicle.

Another reason magnetic GPS trackers are ideal for vehicles is that they can be hidden in places thieves won’t know to look. Hidden locations for your vehicle’s magnetic GPS trackers could also include inside the door partition or your engine compartment.

3. The best ones have a long battery life.

Magnetic GPS trackers run on batteries, which need to be recharged periodically to keep the devices running.

But if you choose the right tracker, the batteries can run for months before they need a charge.

Features to Look for in a Magnetic GPS Tracker

We’ve discussed the main benefits of the best magnetic GPS trackers. Now let’s work backwards and review the features you should demand from your tracking device – to make sure you’re getting these benefits.

1. Small physical footprint.

Remember, this tracker should be flexible enough to attach it anywhere (on a car, bike, or even inside a backpack). It also needs to be discreet and easily hidden. So, make sure the magnetic GPS tracker you choose is small and takes up only a few inches of surface area.

2. Strong magnetic force.

The magnet will be the only thing keeping this GPS device physically connected to the object it’s tracking. So, you need to know the tracker (or its case) has a magnet strong enough to stay attached under any circumstances – even a bumpy ride for your company truck.

In the Amazon reviews for BrickHouse Security’s Spark Nano 7 Magnetic GPS Tracker, for example, you’ll find hundreds of customers positively describing the device’s strong magnet holding up under all conditions.

3. Long battery life.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure the magnetic GPS tracker you choose has a long battery life.

We’ll assume you’re interested in the magnetic option, at least for convenience. And yes, it will be more convenient. Snapping a magnetic device to your vehicle’s bumper takes only a second and is much easier than trying to wire it behind the dashboard.

But you’ll lose a lot of the convenience you’re seeking if you choose a magnetic tracker whose battery needs to be replaced every few days. So, look for one with a battery life of several months.

Now, let’s get specific and review the top magnetic trackers for different use cases.

Best Magnetic GPS Trackers for Vehicles

If you’re looking for GPS trackers to monitor your cars, trucks, or fleets, here are the top solutions we’ve found.

1. Spark Nano Extended Battery: 140-Day Magnetic GPS Tracker

140 Day Longest Battery GPS Tracker by BrickHouse Security is the most advanced version of our Spark Nano, the best-selling. portable GPS tracker. This kit features the GPS tracker, an extended battery, and a magnetic case. It turns the small, portable Spark Nano 7 GPS tracker into a powerful slap-and-track vehicle tracker for long-term peace of mind.

Spark Nano Extended Battery: 140-Day Magnetic GPS Tracker

Key features:

  • 140-day battery life
  • Small footprint: 6.37 x 4.75 x 2.12 inches
  • Real-time tracking updates as frequent as every 5 seconds (depending on plan)
  • Waterproof case, ideal for vehicle tracking

2. Spytech GPS 

Spytech GPS tracker offers some strong benefits for vehicle tracking. But it also falls short in a few areas.

Spytech GPS

Key features:

  • 90-day battery life maximum (and will be shorter with more frequent tracking updates)
  • Small footprint: 6.5 x 4.5 x 2.24 inches
  • Real-time tracking updates as frequent as every 5 seconds (depending on plan)
  • Waterproof case, ideal for vehicle tracking

Note: The device’s explains that the 90-day battery life is a best-case scenario and means longer tracking updates. The page notes that if you opt for 1-minute updates, the battery will last only about 52 days, and only 36 days if you choose to receive updates every 5 seconds.

3. Hidden Magnetic HPS GPS Tracker (Global-View.Net)

Hidden Magnetic HPS GPS Tracker (Global-View.Net)

This is one of the smallest magnetic tracking devices we’ve seen, making it a solid choice as a hidden track for vehicle security. But it does come up short in a few other key areas, which we’ll explain below.

Key features:

  • 60- to 90-day day battery life
  • Small footprint: 4.72 x 1.97 x 2 inches
  • Real-time tracking updates every 40 to 60 seconds
  • “Weatherproof” case, but not waterproof

Note: Although this could be a good choice for your magnetic vehicle GPS tracker, there are a couple of drawbacks to keep in mind. First, the relatively short battery life, which its, at best, three months while in use. Second, while the two options above come in waterproof cases, this Global-View. Net model is only rated IP-65, meaning “water resistant,” not waterproof. So, it might not be the best option as a vehicle tracker.

Magnetic GPS Trackers for Personal Safety

If you need  GPS tracking for personal safety to protect loved ones, you’ll want to focus on features different from those that make a suitable device for business asset tracking.

For example, you should look for a tracker that lets you quickly adjust your location updates to more frequent intervals. You’ll also want a device with a panic or SOS button so your loved one can easily send you an alert in an emergency.

Let’s review a few of the top magnetic GPS tracking options for monitoring the people you care about.

1. Spark Nano 7 with Magnetic Case 

BrickHouse Security’s best-selling magnetic GPS tracker for child safety and for elderly tracking, the Spark Nano 7 with Magnetic Case, includes each of the key features you’ll want for keeping your family members safe and protected.

Spark Nano 7 with Magnetic Case

Key safety features:

  • Rapid Track feature that lets you switch to more frequent tracking speeds when needed.
  • Panic button to let your loved ones quickly alert you to an emergency.
  • Waterproof case that ensures the device will keep sending you updated GPS data even in bad weather.
  • Geofence alerts: Set a virtual geo-boundary for your loved one (say, a daycare centre), and receive immediate alerts if they move outside that geofence.
  • Easy to monitor updates on a user-friendly app
  • Simple to magnetically place anywhere (a car’s undercarriage, for example), so you can discreetly monitor teens or other loved ones.

2. Gpsnvision Hidden Magnetic GPS Tracker

Gpsnvision Hidden Magnetic GPS Tracker

Although the device is primarily designed for vehicle use, this GPS tracker from Gpsnvision offers several important safety features for monitoring teens and elderly relatives.

Key safety features:

  • Frequent real-time location updates.
  • The waterproof case keeps the device’s data flowing even through inclement weather.
  • Easy to monitor updates on a user-friendly app

Note: From a personal safety standpoint, this device has one key drawback. It does not include an SOS or panic button that would let your loved one send you an alert if they were under duress.

3. Family1st Portable GPS Tracker

Family1st Portable GPS Tracker

This portable magnetic GPS tracker from Family 1st is a strong option. It offers many of the most useful personal security features you’ll want, including geofence monitoring and frequently updating location data.

Key safety features:

  • Receive location updates every 60, 30, or 5 seconds.
  • Easy to monitor updates on a user-friendly app
  • Geofence alerts: Set a virtual geo-boundary for your loved one (say, a daycare centre), and receive immediate alerts if they move outside that geofence.

Note: Although this device has a lot of helpful safety features, it also lacks a one-click SOS button.

Cost-Effective GPS Tracking Solutions

You can find many affordable magnetic GPS trackers online. But be careful: The way these businesses charge for their solutions can vary a great deal. Some demand long-term contracts, others don’t. Some have high setup fees, while others keep their activation charges to a minimum.

So, you’ll want to make sure you understand the total cost of these solutions before you make your decision. Here are a couple of the most customer-friendly pricing options from top magnetic GPS providers.

No Long-Term Contracts or Activation Fees

1. Brickhouse Security

BrickHouse Security doesn’t charge an activation fee for its magnetic GPS trackers. In fact, BrickHouse’s devices arrive at your door already activated and ready for immediate tracking.

The company also offers flexible payment options, starting with a simple month-to-month plan. Similar to the LandAirSea options, you can reduce the per-month cost of these GPS trackers by choosing one of BrickHouse’s longer-term plans (quarterly or annually).

See BrickHouse Security’s pricing plan options.

2. LandAirSea

This company offers several magnetic GPS trackers. While each option requires a subscription, they don’t demand that customers sign a contract.

You’ll pay a one-time fee for the tracker itself and then select your data plan. You can choose to pay just month to month or all the way up through prepaying for two years. The per-month price falls the longer you pay in advance.

Oh, and more good news: LandAirSea doesn’t charge an activation fee.

Prolonging Your GPS Device’s Life

Because these GPS devices aren’t free, another cost-saving measure is to make each tracker you buy last as long as possible. With that in mind, here are a couple of tips to prolong your GPS device’s useful life.

  1. Keep the devices out of the humidity and high temperatures as often as possible.
  2. When you aren’t actively tracking a device, set it to sleep mode, where it will update only a few times a day (or even less frequently).

Installation and Technical Support for GPS Trackers

Whether you need a heavy-duty GPS tracker for commercial vehicles or just a cheap GPS tracker for a bike, you’ll find the magnetic option is the easiest type of device to install. In fact, it can take literally as little a few seconds. Just snap the device to a metal surface and start tracking.

If you visit the BrickHouse Security on Where to Place a GPS Tracker, you’ll find detailed discussion – and images –of the places you can install a tracking device on a vehicle. 

Examples you’ll read about include under the car, on the dash or rear shelf, and within the seats, among others.

You’ll also read about the other places where you can install a magnetic GPS tracking device to monitor other assets or even family members.

Quality Tech Support Should Be Part of Your GPS Tracking Vendor Selection

Because you’ll be using your GPS trackers to monitor and safeguard what matters most to you, you’ll also want to make sure the vendor you choose has an excellent reputation for high-quality customer service. The last thing you want is to find out in the middle of a GPS tracking emergency that your provider has unreliable tech support.

If you check out customer review history, for example, you’ll find we’ve maintained a 4.6-star rating across tens of thousands of reviews.

We owe much of these glowing support reviews to our highly trained team of GPS experts. But BrickHouse also offers tech support services our competitors don’t, including:

  • A rich, searchable knowledge base with answers to our customers’ most frequent questions (and updated all the time).
  • 7-day-a-week live support by SMS and chat.

Start Tracking Your Most Valuable Assets Now

We hope this guide gave you a better understanding of the unique benefits of magnetic GPS trackers, as well as some guidance on the best vendors and solutions to meet your needs.

If you’d like more help determining which type of magnetic GPS tracker is right for you, contact a BrickHouse Security Sales Consultant: 800-654-7966