GPS Trackers & Accessories

A Variety of GPS Tracking Devices to Meet Your Business Needs


Wired GPS Tracking Devices


4G Wired Fleet Tracking Device

  • Our Most Accurate Wired GPS Vehicle Tracker Ever
  • 4G Cellular Coverage Across North America. New Coverage Areas include Mexico and Canada
  • Exclusive GPS platform and app allows you to manage all of your GPS trackers in one convenient place
  • Wired into your vehicle's electrical system; no batteries required


Plug-In GPS Tracking Devices


Plug-In Fleet Tracking Device

  • Expanded 4G Coverage Across North America - Tracking Now Available throughout Mexico and Canada
  • No Installation; Plugs Into Standard OBD Port
  • Effortlessly Moves Between Vehicles
  • Rugged and Ultra-Compact


Battery Powered GPS Tracking Devices


Micro Battery Powered Asset Tracker

  • Powerful and Portable - Use Anywhere!
  • Includes Panic Button for Drivers in the Field
  • Rechargeable Battery Lasts for Two Weeks


L-XB_1 (1).jpg

All-In-One "Slap and Track" GPS Tracker
140-Day Extended Battery

  • Powerful, Magnetic Mount To Attach To Vehicle Undercarriage
  • Rugged, Weatherproof, Self-Contained Unit
  • Extended Battery - Track Up To 140 Days
  • Upgraded 4G Service Throughout North America



Long Life Battery Asset Tracker

  • GPS & WiFi tracking so you’ll always know the asset’s location, indoors & out
  • Extra long battery life of up to 5 YEARS ensures you keep tracking without downtime
  • IP-67 rated so your tracker keeps working in less-than-perfect environments
  • 4G Cellular Coverage Across North America. New Coverage Areas include Mexico and Canada


GPS Accessories


Magnetic Case and 140-Day Extended Battery Accessory Kit
for Micro Battery Powered Asset Tracker

 Magnetic Mount for Covert Tracking
 Extended Battery Lasts over 4 Months
 Affixes to a Vehicle's Under Carriage
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International GPS Tracking Devices Available

Do you live outside of the United States or work for an international company?