Wired Fleet Tracking Device
Wired Fleet Tracking Device
Wired Fleet Tracking Device
Wired Fleet Tracking Device
Wired Fleet Tracking Device

Wired Fleet Tracking Device

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About The Product:

  • Our best GPS tracker for fleet management.
  • Installs inside vehicle dash for covert tracking
  • Powered by a vehicle’s battery, no need to recharge
  • 4G cellular coverage throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico
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  • 5
    Must buy!

    Posted by Ryan on Mar 17th 2024

    Easy to install! It can be hidden very well, and always attached to the vehicle.

  • 5
    Product Review

    Posted by Earthmovers on Mar 2nd 2024

    The tracker is very simple to install and monitor your equipment on the APP. I love the 3 units I purchased and will be buying more as my company grows

  • 5
    Great tracker

    Posted by George on Sep 26th 2023

    Very accurate. Good customer service

  • 5

    Posted by Stolar C. on Aug 17th 2022

    My company has 13 total devices in corporate vehicles. We remain satisfied with all the Lightning GPS tracking capabilities

  • 4
    Expert software

    Posted by Ernest T. on Jun 6th 2022

    Helpful, but the user interface can be a little difficult.

  • 5
    First time drivers

    Posted by Dave P. on Jul 18th 2021

    I'm delighted with this product. Expectations exceeded, and 5 STARS! for customer support.

  • 5
    No eorries

    Posted by Jamie H. on Apr 30th 2021

    It's not just a good bye. It's the best buy.

  • 5
    Awesome device

    Posted by Carol K. on Apr 29th 2020

    Every time we need the information, it works. Reliable.

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Special Features
Designed for simple, do-it-yourself installation
5.30” (L) × 2.66” (W) × 0.58” (H)
Hardwired to use your car's power
4G Cellular Coverage Across North America
Cloud Web Server
Plans as low as $17.99
Powered by a vehicle’s battery, no need to recharge.
2.4” x 1.8” x 1.1”
Plug-in for power
4G Cellular Coverage Across North America
Cloud Web Server
Plans as low as $17.99
All-weather extended-battery asset tracker.
6.37" x 4.75" x 2.12"
250 Days Standby / 140 Days Constant Tracking
4G Cellular Coverage Across North America
Cloud Web Server
Plans as low as $17.99


Is There a Subscription Fee?

Lightning GPS devices report to our tracking platform via 4G cellular communication. This does require a service fee to maintain access, in addition to server and data storage costs. Service prices vary based on the number of active devices you have, as well as billing frequency. We save on administrative costs for quarterly and annual billing and pass that on to our customers.

How Many Devices Can I Track?

The Lightning GPS Tracking platform can handle thousands of unique tracking devices without issue. For practical purposes, if you wish to track more than a few hundred at a time, speak with a sales representative to talk about the best way to set up your account.

Is My Data Secure?

Lightning GPS’s servers are secure enough to meet the needs of the US Department of Defense. All our customers’ tracking data is stored on servers located in the United States.

Can I Track Internationally?

Our devices are programmed to operate throughout North America by default. If you have a need for international tracking, let us know. Lightning GPS can provide you with devices that can operate nearly anywhere in the world.

Can I Get an Injectable Tracking Device?

No. Those aren’t real.

What Is a Geofence?

A geofence is a virtual fence around an area. It can be a simple circle or a custom-drawn shape. When a designated device (or devices) enters or exits the area, an alert will be generated. This can be used to let you know that a delivery has made it to its destination or that a driver has left a designated route.

How Are Alerts Generated?

The Lightning GPS platform can notify any number of designated users via email and/or text message when an alert has been triggered. Alerts can include geofence crossings, route drift, SOS button triggers, excessive speed, and more. The platform will send you the name of the vehicle and the alert that was triggered within moments.

How Long Is My Data Stored?

Tracking data is stored online for as long as a year. You’ll be able to look back at location data and reports for the past 12 months by signing into the Lightning GPS platform. Anything that you need to keep longer can be downloaded for local storage.

How Can I Track On the Go?

Lightning GPS supports free mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices. You’ll be able to view real-time device information from your smartphone.