Support: High-End Stylish Glasses DVR Camera

Dec 3rd 2023

High-End Stylish Glasses DVR Camera

  • Capture everything you see when wearing these eyeglasses that come equipped with a virtually undetectable eyeglasses hidden camera.
  • You’ll never miss a moment with continuous recording for up to 90 min on a single charge.
  • Take snapshots or record video and conveniently store it on the 8GB of internal memory.

High End Stylish Glasses DVR Camera


How do I play the files back, my media player is giving me a "Missing Codec Error".

We suggest that you try to use VLC Media Player to play the video files back. You can easily download it for free online in only a few minutes. Sometimes Windows Media Player and Quicktime cannot read the file type that this camera records in. Please go to this website directly:

The device is not being recognized by your computer.

Check the micro SD card to see that it has been inserted properly. Disconnect and wait 30 seconds before reconnecting, or try a different USB port on the computer.

Download User Manual