Support: LawMate Bluetooth Speaker Hidden Camera

Dec 10th 2023

LawMate Bluetooth Speaker Hidden Camera

LawMate Bluetooth Speaker Hidden Camera

Lawmate Bluetooth Speaker Hidden Camera functions as 3 devices in one: a Bluetooth speaker, a hidden camera, and a digital video recorder. Both portable and compact, this device is a great option for users who want to record footage without drawing attention to their recording equipment.


My video is not loading; it shows that the camera is online, but the feed is buffering.

Depending on your internet speed it may take the device up to 30 seconds to load your live video feed.

Why does the message "Do not support xxx" pop up when I want to change some settings in the Program Setting?

Please note that SSID Visible and Modify Device Wi-Fi Password can only be changed with a P2P connection. Formatting the SD Card can only be done when the phone and device are connected to the same Internet Wi-Fi.

The P2P or IP is configured, but I don't see any devices showing as online under Device Management.

Please try to refresh the page by swiping it down.

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