Support: Sat Track Micro GPS World Tracker

Mar 1st 2024

Sat Track Micro GPS World Tracker Manual and FAQs

The Sat Track Micro GPS World Tracker comes pre-programmed and activated based on the number of pings you selected during your initial purchase. If an interval was not chosen at the time of purchase, or you selected the default programming, the device is programmed to send three pings a day. 

This programming cannot be changed. You should have received an email containing your default login information; if you haven’t received your login information by the time the device arrives, please contact our support team. 

When you get your device, it will be set in the OFF position. To turn it ON and start sending pings, orient the device so that the writing that says “This Side Towards Sky Do Not Paint” is visible to you. Use a screwdriver and remove the two screws on the front of the device, as shown in picture below. 

 Sat Track Micro GPS World Tracker

You will notice small text on the front where it says OFF. Once the front plastic piece is unscrewed, adjust the switch from the OFF position to the ON position. You will see that the device is now set to the ON position. The device is now on and will communicate three times a day, or your selected number if otherwise programmed, to the GPS platform

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Is the battery area of the device water/moisture sealed? 

The battery compartment is completely water-sealed unless the screws were not tightened properly. 

Are the devices only compatible with Energizer Ultimate batteries? Or can I use any other AAA battery with a variable lifespan? 

If you are using a different brand, the batteries MUST be lithium. Generic branded AAA batteries or even non-lithium Duracell batteries will cause the device to not work correctly. The manufacturer highly recommends using Energizer Ultimate batteries. 

Does the estimated battery life take battery aging into account? 

Yes, the battery lifespan does take battery aging into account. Lithium batteries have a much higher shelf life than normal batteries, even in variable weather, which is why it's highly recommended to only use lithium batteries. When changing the batteries, all four batteries must be changed out at once. 

Does the device send a location later if it was unable to send it at the designated time? 

The device is a pure sat simplex unit. This device will have no way of knowing if the ping hit the server or not, as two-way communication is not supported. If it misses a ping, you will not get it again later. It will attempt to send another locate at its next designated time. 

Is there a specific time that the device sends pings to the server? 

If so, what are they? Designated times are on a program basis during programming and depend on the number of pings the device is set to receive. At the normal 3 pings a day, it will be 7 am, 1 pm, 11 pm. The interval times will change the more or fewer pings you set the device up with. Customers will have the option to select what time of day they want it to ping as well. 

Despite there being a few pings, can we track movement over an extended period? 

Especially in situations where the vehicle may be moving at a slower pace. Even in a daily situation, this would be a relatively useful feature in the case of cross-country trips. Yes, you will have the option to do faster pings or more pings, but the cost of the satellite is too high for this to be practical. This is for people strictly tracking huge assets that cannot be moved easily and it's for monitoring their locations, not if they are stolen. An example use case is when a construction company has several pieces of equipment out in the middle of nowhere, and they need to know what asset is where to move them around or get a replacement to the nearest location. 

Are there indicator lights on the device to show whether it has a GPS signal? 

There are no indicator lights; the only indicator will be your hardware messages. Most pure sat trackers do not have indicator lights. Where can we find the device identifier or the IMEI? You can find the sticker with the IMEI on the bottom of the device.